Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oil specially designed for modern Medium Speed 4-stroke Marine Diesel Engines running on Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) or Heavy Fuel Oil


It is a trunk piston engine oil designed for use in medium speed diesel engines operating on residual fuels in marine, power generation and industrial applications.
The superior additive technology used in this oil provides excellent engine cleanliness & wear protection under different operating conditions. This oil is available in
SAE 30 & 40 viscosity grades with a BN (Base Number) ranging from 30 to 55. These oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and have better water separation
and base retention properties. These oils meet the performance requirements of API CF.


  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy reduces build-up of soot & black sludge and keeps the engine cleaner.
  • Acidic by products are effectively neutralized and the engine is protected from corrosive wear. Better demulsibility characteristics ensure water separation leading to trouble free operation.
  • Robust anti-wear technology provides protection against piston & linear wear and good gear performance leading to reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Improved thermo oxidative stability retards oil degradation facilitating extended oil life.


Recommended for medium speed diesel engines in marine, power generation and industrial applications operating on residual fuels.
The 3055 & 4055 with a BN of 55 are specifically formulated for engines operating on high sulphur residual fuels.
These oils are also specially recommended for those engines where the frequency of topping-up /replenishment is less frequent.
The 3040 & 4040 with a BN of 40 are suitable for engines operating on residual fuels having sulphur content in excess of 3.5%
The 3030 & 4030 with a BN of 30 are suitable for engines operating on residual fuels having sulphur content in excess of 2.5% and up to 3.5 %
Also recommended for general lubrication of shipboard equipment where specialized lubricants are not required or use of API CF quality oils are adequate