It is not merely a name, driven from the technical formulation of Germen experts Bremen Lubricants is the top notch name in lubricant products

Bremen conceptualized by German lubricating technology and brought to life by an international network of lubricant specialists, is a versatile brand that symbolizeenergy, efficiency, excellence and evolution Bremen has a comprehensive range of premium lubricating oils, greases and related products, positioned at the global lubricants market. We are constantly rationalizing our line to ensure that the products remain relevant to the market requirements.Bremen Lubricants Industry LLC is located in heart of the center of now; United Arab Emirates. Our state of the art lubricant producing unit is well equipped with technical tools & human resources that can muster automotive industrial, marine and specialty lubricating products of highest possible qualities.In BREMEN we care each drop of lubricant we produce become energy of ourclients. We care all technical and commercial requirements of our valued clientsso that they can be care free while reselling or using the products we produce with deep care. :



BREMEN LUBRICANTS INDUSTRY LLC, is the manufacturer of BREMEN branded premium lubricating oils, greases and related products for the automotive, industrial and marine sectors. Other than this we do third party labeling for our prestigious set of clients across the world. The headquarters is strategically located in Ajman United Arab Emirates.

Our company is well recognized as a reliable, ethical company with immense focus on quality and customer care. BREMEN’s strength lies in our technical ability to research and understand customer needs and formulating quality products by selecting among the newest available technology with an open approach to newest raw materials to meet or exceed the diverse requirements and specifications set by the industry. Our production, based in United Arab Emirates use modern
blending technology


Extends to lubrication recommendations

BREMEN adaptation strategy which offers customization of our products to the various market needs and requirements is proving to be our competitive advantage. The global lubricants market is continuously changing and we are mindful that our customers require flexibility to remain competitive. We also support our network with various sales tools to keep them abreast of product developments and product information.

BREMEN’s strategy is based on the fast adaptation of lubricants formulation
to lubrication technology developments and customer needs.